Thursday, July 2, 2009

SPOTTED: the Ray Ban mystery man

Yes, I saw him again. And yes, once again, could not work up the nerve to introduce myself. I need to go to Oz to get some courage, apparently.

I have now gotten THREE false leads from my missed connections post. I had googled one of them (a guy that goes to Georgetown) and found a picture of him. Oddly enough, I SAW HIM ON THE METRO THE NEXT DAY. I would have said hello, but then he would have known I google-stalked him and I generally don't like to advertise what a creep I am, haha.

Nevertheless, it was a really really strange coincidence.


  1. Hahahaha - that's so funny. You so need to set up something so that you HAVE to talk to him. Pretend your lost or something. This guy needs to come out of his mystery status - I wanna read about it!

  2. Dionne has a good idea. i vote you go with her idea, Oz is a long walk, and nobody's got that kinda time anymore.