Friday, May 29, 2009

inspiration = dungeons + dragons + dynamite magazine

Check out this ad from a 1980 issue of Dynamite Magazine.
More than anything in the world I want to recreate the outfit of the girl on the right. Very Hermione Granger, right? Or maybe it's just this girl's AWESOME curly hair. Whatever it is, I am LOVING her look.


  1. Hello Tracy!

    So I'm your Summer Swap partner! It is so nice to cyber meet you!

    My blog is linked, of course. My email is I have twitter and facebook too, as I'm a pop culture nerd.

    I really look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you! I love these Swaps, they are such amazing ideas.

    Take care!
    <3 Maggi

  2. I could never get away with hair like that. I see girls with lovely curls, and when I try to do something similar, I look like Kenny G!

  3. Aw yes I wish I could get away with hair like that - I've always envious of ladies who have natual curly hair...

    Swinging by via Dionne's :)

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