Tuesday, August 4, 2009

is this the end or just the start?

Sometimes, something feels too right to give up on. Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic. Or maybe some things really are meant to be.


  1. nothing is wrong with hopeless romanticism. glad that you are part of the group!

  2. hey i totally googled 'color my life with the chaos of whatever' and i found your blog.

    but i'm pretty glad i did, because you seem pretty rad, hilarious, and maybe witty.

    i cant say witty because i'm not sure what 'wit' entails, or if it'd be a compliment or insult.

    'i'm not witty at all'

    i commonly say that. because i'm not, but i'm accused of it often.

    anyway, i like your blog. i'd go gay for you probably. but, my neverending love for the opposite sex conflicts that feeling.
    oh yeah.. and that whole 'not knowing you thing' may.. also.. be a reason.


    ps. sorry if i scared you? fear wasnt my intent.